Board Of Advisors

Our Board Of Advisors

Our reinforcement comes from our Board of Advisors, carefully selected to include experts with non-traditional backgrounds who are amazing human beings, who posses deep knowledge within their specialty, and have a passion to positively impact young humans.

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Steve Abeyta
Seat: Game Design, Strategy, and Animation
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Dr. Bobo Blankson
Seat: Positive Psychology and Positive Medicine
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Jan Zanetis
Seat: E-learning & K-12 Education
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Dr. Sam Maniar
Seat: Sport Psychology
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Mukesh Mowji
Seat: Peer CEO
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Scott Swain
Seat: Collegiate Athletic Director
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Dr. Kathleen Rodgers
Seat: K-12 School District Superintendent
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Susan Escallier
Seat: Corporate Ethics
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Clark Brigger
Seat: Director of College Admissions
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Dr. Latisha Addison
Seat: Director of College Financial Aid
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Rebecca Grimes
Seat: Chief Revenue Officer
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Elfried Samba
Seat: Chief Marketing & Digital Community Officer