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I haven't seen anything as comprehensive, thorough, nor impactful to empower all student athletes who wish to earn the privilege of becoming a collegiate athlete.
- LeRoy Gardner Head Coach NCAA D-III Wrestling
I have seen a lot across youth athletics, but nothing even comes close to how Athlete Foundry empowers families and their middle & high school student athletes regardless of zip code ― major game changer and epic!
- Marques Ogden Former NFL Player Athlete Foundry Brand Ambassador
Inequities Created with Sketch. Lies Don’t just “trust the process” or “rely on the coach”. The “process” provides some guidance, but can also be a huge obstacle. The coach helps you perform better, but isn’t your “full service concierge” to track, build, and communicate your student athlete journey. Process Hasn’t Evolved Not In Charge Athletic Human Human Academic Athletic Athletic Academic Zip Code Effect We want our child to have the privilege of being a collegiate athlete, a great education, and meaningful college experience. While technology has advanced, its application in the world of student athletes has fundamentally fallen short to truly level the playing field, fallen short of athletics & academics to build options, unifying and fallen short of doing much more than just recruiting Unfortunately, all too often, zip code determines access to information, network, and resources. Adding salt to the wound, most collegiate coaches don’t have an effective way to better follow nor understand each candidate due to limited time and recruiting budget. There is no clear student athlete roadmap, lots of incomplete & misinformation, and simply no athletic & academic plan. unified I want to be a collegiate athlete, represent an entire school & local community, and be my best. INEQUITIES
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Betterway Created with Sketch. A BETTER WAY No Gimmicks We are so tired of hidden costs, sales hooks, and “call us to discuss pricing!” Our pricing and services are clear, transparent, and with “no gimmicks” attached. This is our ironclad promise. Time To Evolve In Charge ATHLETIC ACADEMIC PRIORITIES HUMAN COLLEGES Crush The Zip Code Why have a stovepipe view of your academic or athletic picture? Put both together in one place, with clear goals made from athletic & academic qualities actually valued by collegiate coaches so you can see, track, and build your complete student athlete journey and make informed decisions. All student athletes who have a dream to become a collegiate athlete should be given a fair & equitable shot, regardless of network, money, or resources. This takes 3 things commitment, an awesome plan, and work ethic. Then, give collegiate coaches a much better view of your commitment, progress, & future potential, regardless of zip code. A clear student athlete roadmap and a comprehensive athletic & academic plan. unified
image/svg+xml image/svg+xml Created with Sketch. HOPE NEEDS A PLAN ATHLETIC Have I built my best athleticism? Can I perform outside of my comfort zone? Have I completed Student Athlete Questionnaires? Have I demonstrated my best ability in competition? Have I completed all NCAA & NAIA eligibility center needs? PHYSICAL MENTAL ADMINISTRATIVE ACADEMIC Have I built my best GPA? Have I completed all NCAA Core courses? Have I built my best scholastic exam scores? Have I completed all college admissions’ needs? Can I perform outside of my comfort zone? MENTAL ADMINISTRATIVE HUMAN Where do I want to be a collegiate athlete? Have I explored all opportunities for financial aid? What if you had such a plan that put you in charge of your journey, so you can build and share your student athlete story in ways collegiate coaches actually value? This is Athlete Foundry’s model. Can I professionally communicate and share my story? MENTAL ADMINISTRATIVE Can I confidently communicate? GRADE Collegiate Athletics Life The goal of earning the privilege to become a collegiate student athlete should involve clear targets for 12th grade, should cover “all aspects of you,” and should involve practical “building block” steps that start as early as 6th grade. Have I stayed healthy?

Your Full Athletic, Academic, and Human Dashboard.

Your full dashboard, built around the 3 main pillars that Athlete Foundry believes "wholly" describes every student athlete and which collegiate coaches seek to better understand. Safely share a public version with anyone, and a more in-depth version that you control, exclusively with verified collegiate coaches. And much more...

Your Semester-by-Semester Roadmap.

Your athlete and academic unified roadmap from 6th grade through 12th grade to ensure you don't miss a single step (you can even add your own "custom" steps to fit your unique needs). We integrate steps from our master Student Athlete Questionnaire, built from extensive SAQ research of athletic and non-athletic questions from NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, plus NAIA, NJCAA, CCCAA, and NWAC colleges.

Know Your Athletic Path, Set Goals and Track Improvements.

Track and build your athletic data, both on and off the field. Customize which stats and skills you want to track. Select from skills organized in each of 6 "athleticism" categories to build a better athletic "you." For those fundamental skills, we provide milestones towards 12th grade "athleticism" targets built from our extensive human performance research. You can also add your own skills, set trajectories and targets, and monthly goals towards those targets.

Know Your Academic Path, Track Eligibility.

Track and build your academic data, to include weighted and unweighted GPAs, NCAA Core 16 GPA, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. We provide historical SAT and ACT admission scores to create your trajectories towards those targets. We created a simple and useful transcript section to track all courses, with special attention to all NCAA Core 16 courses.

Know Your Human Side, Track Who You are Off the Field.

Track and build all of the "other" facets of life that define you and help you develop off the field. This includes your non-sports skills, hobbies, interests, micro-credentials, awards, and basic health data.

Dig Deep Into College Options, See What Else Coaches Value, Track Coach Contacts.

Track and build your college list. Our data helps you make informed decisions of which colleges to consider based on college demographics, student athlete graduation rates, career occupation data, athletic compliance violations, and critical campus safety data. We also integrate our master Student Athlete Questionnaire, provide college website links, coach contact info, and help you keep track of the athletic recruiting calendar.

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Dashboard Epic, empowering, and complete (share it!)
Roadmap Comprehensive and automated
Athletics Track skills, stats, and more
Academic Track GPA, SAT, ACT, and more
Human Track other development and more
Colleges Build options and more
Storage Store 5 GB per year (docs, vids, pics)
Grab The Wheel
We've done a lot of research and talked to a lot of collegiate coaches about what needs a fundamental and comprehensive "make-over," they have all said "we need a better way to view and understand the complete prospective student athlete." We put in your hands, the new student athlete profile gold standard. Go ahead, build the "complete you," publicly share your progress, and give much more insights to collegiate coaches who follow you, in ways not possible until now.
Your athletic and academic unified plan so you don't miss a step ― we've even incorporated our master Student Athlete Questionnaire (SAQ) that was built after comprehensive research across each sport, sports-association, and division. Your roadmap is automated and yes, you can customize it.
Comprehensive skills and stats tracking for one or multiple sports (if you are a multi-sport athlete). Set monthly goals for your skills to build your athleticism, and track core skills against actual 12th grade targets which we've developed after comprehensive research across each sport, sports-association, and division. Yes, you can customize it.
Full GPA, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and transcript tracking. We've incorporated NCAA and NAIA eligibility tracking for you, and all actual SAT and ACT acceptance data for numerous colleges (which serve as your targets). Yes, you can customize it.
There is more to you than Athletics and Academics, so our Human Development pillar helps you track and start building your "off the field" resume, such as non-athletic skills, a nutrition journal, sleep tracker, hobbies, awards, and other non-athletic interests. Yes, you can customize it.
Build your college list, evaluate all colleges across America with an athletic program based on 4 fundamental areas ― major and minors, graduation rates, campus crime data, and athletic compliance data. We also provide multiple links to each college (athletics and admissions), collegiate coaching staff contact information with your personal contact log, SAQ completion tracking, and integrate the NCAA recruiting calendar.
We provide up to 5 GB per year for you to store documents, pictures, and videos in your very own repository so you can keep all of your athletic and academic content in one safe place.
Supercharge Your Journey
Share your accomplishments, progress, and commitment exclusively through your dashboard in 2 ways ― a public profile and a more in-depth collegiate coach profile. Fully customize what you want to share in both profiles.
Simple share your profile with any collegiate coach and ask the coach to "follow" you. Once the collegiate coach completes a super easy registration and is approved by the parent to "follow," this collegiate coach will have access to a much more in-depth profile of your progress, we call this your "collegiate coach" profile. (note: platform does not support any direct 2-way chat communications with collegiate coaches at this time).
Allow anyone with your "public" profile to download any video you make publicly available, but go well beyond this and allow downloading of any video, picture, or document you make available to all collegiate coaches that "follow" you (which have been approved by the parent).
Chat with anyone within your family that is on the platform, and any non-family student athlete on the platform once approved by the parent; student athlete chat details are private and only viewable by the student athlete (note: for strict safety reasons, the platform does not support any direct 2-way chat communications between a student athlete and a non-parental adult).
Create a private journal to add whatever comes to mind. This is only available to the student athlete and is completely confidential, meaning only the student athlete can view the journal (not accessible by the parent).
Keep it real. We believe our platform is amazing, but we know there is always room for fun. We will launch semester challenges that will involve a variety of tasks related to your journey that are associated with winning rewards, like cool Athlete Foundry gear (note: we run challenges in strict athletic governance compliance so you can maintain eligibility, so we never involve game-day performance).
Grab The Wheel
We've done a lot of research and talked to a lot of collegiate coaches about what needs a fundamental and comprehensive "make-over," they have all said "we need a better way to view and understand the complete prospective student athlete." We put in your hands, the new student athlete profile gold standard. Go ahead, build the "complete you" and publicly share your progress in ways not possible until now.
Your athletic and academic unified plan so you don't miss a step ― we've even incorporated our master Student Athlete Questionnaire (SAQ) that was built after comprehensive research across each sport, sports-association, and division. Although not automated, we want to give you the full roadmap to manage yourself. Why? Because we are passionate to ensure parents don't miss a single step, don't miss building options, and don't impact their student athlete's future.